A Middlebury College Language School

Practice Makes Perfect

Before you arrive, find out more about proficiency levels, and get up to speed on grammar, “survival” phrases, and useful day-to-day expressions.

A Day in the Life

There’s more to language learning than sitting in class! Discover the wide variety of extracurricular activities available to you as a School of Russian student.

The Language Pledge

School of Russian students pledge to use the foreign language as the only means of communication during the entire session. Find out what that means for you.

Добро пожаловать!

When you’re engaging with a new culture, understanding the lyrics to a pop song can be as important as learning the vocabulary of art criticism.

Recognized as one of the world’s best Russian language programs, the Davis School of Russian has been offering its unique blend of cultural and language immersion for 68 years. 

In the classroom, our faculty will guide you in discovering a language that is alive and ever-changing, helping you gain both the confidence and tools necessary to take your skills to the next level. Outside the classroom, you’ll choose from co-curricular activities that explore the range of historical and contemporary Russian culture—from the slings and arrows of slang to the finer points of fine art, each activity designed to help you build new vocabulary while developing cultural fluency.

Introductory Webinar with Director Jason Merrill

On April 26, 2015, the School of Russian held an introductory webinar to answer questions from students about the program and the summer immersion. If you missed the webinar, click on the image below to watch the recording.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 9.21.07 AM