Can-Do Statements

Before you begin your summer program at Middlebury, you’ll take an oral proficiency exam. You’ll speak with one of our instructors, in Russian, so that they can determine what level will be the best fit for you. Don’t be anxious about this exam. You’re not being graded; you’re just being placed. We want to be sure that you’ll be challenged enough in your language learning while also having every chance at success. (Hint: if you really want to prepare, spend lots of time with the lessons and practices on this site!)

If you’re curious about where you might stand, or if you want to get a sense for how your learning may progress as your proficiency increases, take a look below at some of the “can-do” statements for different proficiency levels.

Novice Low
Novice Mid
Novice High
Intermediate Low
Intermediate Mid
Intermediate High
Advanced Low
Advanced Mid
Advanced High